Pictures: 114 Yesika In "Purple Mini Dress" Videos: 2
Purple Mini Dress Purple Mini Dress Purple Mini Dress
Time to make things a little more interesting. Here is Yesika again wearing a tight purple mini dress with some sexy white lingerie underneath. She teases us some and then walks around the apartment to show us how her ass jiggles. She then takes her panties of, places a dildo on the floor and began to fuck the shit out of it. I poured some oil on her booty while the dildo was up her pussy and gave it a good smacking. Yesika says she really enjoyed the dildo session but next time wants the real thing.



Pictures: 132 Videos: 2 Yesika In "Red Panties"
Red Panties Red Panties Red Panties
I just could not wait and brought Yesika back for another oil up session. I love her big ass, it's so round and her ass cheeks are tight and firm. Here she is wearing a small tight top and nothing but some red panties that look extremely sexy on her. I got some good footage of her on the couch where she lays on her stomach and then on her back getting a good view of her gorgeous curves. Shen then took her panties off and I got her on all fours to commence with the oil up. It feels great groping her thick bubble butt.



Marianna In "Pink Corset" Pictures: 50 Videos: 4
Pink Corset Pink Corset Pink Corset
Friends, I've got a new girl for you. Her name is Marianna and she is a hot latina with a big fat ass. Here she is dressed in a pink corset, a black g-string and some sexy thigh highs. I first got her to stick her ass out and pose on the sex couch to get us warmed up. I then went straight to the oil up session where I oiled and fondled her big thick ass. She got me so hard that I started to release loads of precum. To initiate Marianna I masturbated and dropped my load all over her oiled ass.



Pictures: 122 Yesika In "Black Mini Skirt" Videos: 3
Black Mini Skirt Black Mini Skirt Black Mini Skirt
Here is Yesika's second shoot. And look at the sexy outfit she's wearing. A sexy little top, a tight mini skirt with a thong underneath and some sexy mesh thigh highs. Just looking at her makes me nutt. I wasted no time and lifted her skirt to get a view of her gorgeous bubble booty. Her ass looks damn sexy in her black thong. For the oil up session I had Yesika get on the floor doggy style and began to pour and rub oil all over her thick ass. Shen then jiggles her fat ass and performs some booty clapping for your enjoyment. Excellent session with this lovely pawg!



Yesika In "Red Lingerie" Pictures: 94 Videos: 2
Red Lingerie Red Lingerie Red Lingerie
You need to know that here at Big Oiled Up Asses we only bring to you the best of big asses. Here is our newest girl Yesika. Yesika is a light skinned girl with a big jiggly ass. A little hesitant to work for us at first but we finally convinced her. Yesika is dressed in some skimpy red lingerie with only a g-string displaying her lovely big ass cheeks. After a few poses on the couch she walks over to the entrance where I pull her g-string off, oil up her gorgeous ass and grope it. She then walks around the apartment with her ass all oiled up.



Pictures: 150 Videos: 2 Eliana In "Black Stockings"
Black Stockings Black Stockings Black Stockings
You guessed right. I'm absolutely loving Eliana and do know that she greatly enjoys the oil up sessions and how I worship her big butt. Here she is in a tight yellow top and some sexy black stockings. Just look at the size of her ass cheeks and how they wiggle when she moves. For this you've got to see the videos. After the usual poses around the apartment I brought her to the couch where I pulled her stockings down and proceeded with the oil up session.



Pictures: 130 Eliana In "White Corset" Videos: 2
White Corset White Corset White Corset
I know that Eliana has caught your interest. Nothing sexier than a young beauty with a big butt. Here is her second shoot. She's wearing nothing but a white corset with a white thong. She looks super sexy wouldn't you say? She starts thing off on the love couch posing doggy style while we admire her ass. Then on to the stripper pole for some more sexy poses. Finally back on to the love couch where I begin the oil session and worship Eliana's gorgeous ass.



Eliana In "Red Mini Dress" Pictures: 170 Videos: 2
Red Mini Dress Red Mini Dress Red Mini Dress
Meet Eliana everyone. Eliana is a 21 year old girl with a tremendous rump that just happens to be Natalia's younger sister. Believe it. Natalia told me her younger sister also had a big ass and asked me if I was interested. How could I say no? She has a similar body to Natalia only that her shit solid. She's wearing a tight red mini dress with a black thong underneath. After a little bit of teasing she lifts up her dress to show us her amazing ass. Then she lays on the bed where I pour oil on her booty and she rubs it all on nicely.



Pictures: 120 Videos: 2 Natalia In "Plaid Mini Skirt"
Plaid Mini Skirt Plaid Mini Skirt Plaid Mini Skirt
Here is Natalia's second shoot. I dressed her up in a black corset and a sexy plaid mini skirt. Doesn't she look incredible? Her skirt is so small and tight that you can see her fat ass cheeks underneath. She first sits on a stool and plays with her ass a little. Then continues to prance around the room showing us her big ass. For the finale I had her bend over the love couch while I oiled up her ass gently giving it all the love that it deserves. You can't imagine how hard my cock got from oiling up Natalia's lovely big ass.



Pictures: 108 Natalia In "Black Mesh Dress" Videos: 2
Black Mesh Dress Black Mesh Dress Black Mesh Dress
Fellas! Welcome our new babe Natalia. Natalia is a gorgeous six foot female with a big fat ass. She first appeared on my other site Oiled Up Asses last year. The good news is that she has put on quite some weight and her ass has just gotten bigger. Here she is in a short tight dress looking absolutely amazing. First she poses around the room to give us a glimpse of the goods. Then we get down to business. She lies on the bed and I oil up her fat ass and give it a good massage.


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